In this article I’ll solve (plugin with id ‘’ not found) problem in the Android Studio. So first of all we need to read all the problems.

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Problems (Plugin with ID Not Found)

No.1: This is my first attempt at Android Studio. I installed 0.8.0 and updated to 0.8.2. As soon as a project is created I get the error message:

Error:(1, 0) Plugin with id '' not found


I am trying to run my application but I am getting following error:
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ERROR: Plugin with id '' not found.

Some body please guide me how to solve this problem.


Solution (Plugin with ID Not Found)

  1. Check your android studio version from (./gradlew -v)
  2. If you have an older version then update your android studio version to the latest version.
  3. 1. ( Set URL: ./gradlew wrapper --gradle-version=3.6.2 --distribution-type=all 2. Update: ./gradlew wrapper

If you add the following code snippet to the top of your build.gradle file. Gradle will update the build tools.

buildscript { repositories { google() // For Gradle 4.0+ maven { url '' } // For Gradle < 4.0 } dependencies { classpath '' } }

Original Answer

I had this same error, you need to make sure your Gradle version is compatible with your Android Gradle Plugin.

The latest version of Gradle is 2.0 but you need to use 1.12 in order to use the Android Gradle Plugin.

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