How to Earn Money Online by uploading files on the internet? There is a very easy and wealthy way to earn money by uploading files. Today I’ll share Top 5 websites, who pay you to upload files on their websites. You can upload songs, movies, and any other file. So let’s start to know about these five amazing websites.

Did you ever imagine an chance where a website would pay you to upload files on their system?

Pay to upload sites have been really working nowadays and is indeed an easy way to make some money online. It’s one of those ways to make money online that doesn’t need any achievement on your part. Each time you upload your files to their servers and someone downloads them, you get paid a certain amount.

This scheme of making money online can be much helpful for those students and creators who tend to have lots of project files, solved assignments, etc that others would search. Also, this system of making money online is pretty encouraging for teachers and tutors also.

They can surely make use of their huge notes collection and upload them to their profiles on the following sites. Many students would surely search for them and download them from the website and you get paid.

Who knows it might turn into a passive income for you? Also spreading knowledge is more of virtue so its a win-win situation.

Below are the top 5 websites to earn money by uploading files, that are work like a charm and have a neat Pay To Upload system.

Top 5 Sites To Earn Money Online By Uploading Files


They are relatively new in the market though due to their high payouts, they have become one of the best ones out there who pay for uploading files on their servers.

Minimum Payout $10
Amount on per download $1 to $2
Referral Commission 10% of monthly earning
Payment Method PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Payquicker, Wire Transfers
ShareCash Details

What they offer?

  • High Payouts
  • Helpful Tools
  • Innovative Tools
  • Helpful Tools
  • Reliable


This is also a new website that started gaining attention lately. You basically upload the file and wait for the files and earn money every time they get downloaded.

Below is how it goes:

Visitor lands on download page and clicks “Download” button. Then, the visitor is showed a survey (which can take between 30secs to a couple of minutes). Once it’s filled, visitor gets access to the file.

Normally, the earnings are from 0 to 10$.

Depositfiles pay 25$ per 1000 downloads of of the files that you upload. The files can be video, audio, text files etc.

From Deposit files FAQs:

You can upload any file types like EXE, MP3, MPEG, AVI, RAR, ZIP, JPG, etc. Music files, video files, mp3, applications, games, ringtones, office files (e.g. in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc) projects, models, architectural drawings, conference recordings, price-lists, regular agreements, laboratory data, server configuration files, advertising booklets and so on. The size of a file you can upload is the maximum in the Internet now up to 2GB! pay their partners anywhere between 1-100$ for every 1000 downloads of their files. The income per file depends upon the file popularity and file size.


  • We pay up to $20 per 1000 unique downloads
  • We pay for downloads from many countries
  • Daily payments by request!
  • The minimum payment is just $30!
  • We pay via Epese, Epassporte, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, and PayPal is another amazing file upload site that pays generously to its users with the rate of approx 1$ per 500 downloads.

The files that are downloaded for more than 60 days are deleted from the servers. Though you can get a premium account for that which would allow you to have 200GB for those dead files to stay on the servers.

For the active files that are downloaded pretty often, there is no limit to storage space, means you can upload as many files as you wish. would pay you to upload pictures to their server. For every 1000 picture views, you get paid 0.22$. So it’s a good deal though it won’t make you a living obviously its another opportunity to get paid. There are a couple of picture-sharing platforms like Pictu, Instagram where you might already be signed up. So why not join a site that would pay you to upload pictures, that you already do?

What’s Next?

So yeah guys hope these few sites would surely make your dead files on the hard drive a way to make money online. Also, buddies, pardon for not posting frequently, my exams are on the way. And my schedule has been uprooted. Much more amazing stuff on the way. Many more interviews. So stay tight and safe.

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