Hey Guyz, Welcome back to my blog. Today I’ll teach you, How to Download PTCL Duplicate Bill from your Mobile or Computer. Read the article carefully and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Sometimes you cannot receive your PTCL bill at your address. If you don’t pay it within the due date, you have to pay extra money as a surcharge next month. And if you pay it after the due date it is shown as arrears in next month’s bill and then there is the trouble of correcting it.

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So here I’m going to tell you how simply you can see, download and print your PTCL bill online. Just make a print and submit your dues on that. There is no need to submit an application or visit the PTCL exchange or office for a duplicate bill. Now you can check PTCL telephone Bill online free just by entering your phone number and account ID.
PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) now provides the facility to check and download your PTCL Broadband or EVO Charji bills online free of cost.

PTCL Duplicate Bill

Pakistan Tele Communication Limited (PTCL) Company in Pakistan which is providing the landline services, Evo Charji, and other Wi-Fi connections. Ptcl is easily providing download bill services to his users. Nowadays PTCL provides the facility of online billing and Ptcl duplicate bill systems. Now you can easily get your internet or landline bill by just entering phone number and account ID.

Generate Your Duplicate Bill Through SMS

  1. Send an SMS to 90179, From your registered mobile number.
  2. SMS format should be (Bill space PSTN #).
  3. You’ll get a link on your mobile via SMS.
  4. PTCL duplicate bills can be generated by clicking on the link you received.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to Submit or Pay PTCL Duplicate Bill?

  1. How to Pay PTCL Duplicate Bill from home?

    You can download it from PTCL Official website and you can submit it to any local bank of your desired.

  2. Step 1

    In some time you just need to install a pdf software i.e. Acrobat reader or Foxit reader.

  3. Step 2

    After then just enter the PTCL Number and Customer ID for your ptcl duplicate bill of your desired number.

  4. Step 3

    Click on search button, and your bill appear.

Through this process, you can download the ptcl bill from our website.
You can submit the PTCL duplicate printed bill in all commercial banks of your area. Generally, the purpose of the bill is to provide copy of the bill, to the user for personal and official use. In some cases, the bill is not deliver to your given address on time and you have to pay the bill as per your monthly cycle and division.


If you are unable to pay the bill within 3months, this will result automatically disconnect of your connection. If you are facing any issue, you can contact the helpline number 1218 or visit the directory page.