Hey Friends! Today in this article I’ll explain some common reasons for Google Adword Account Suspended and Adwords Account Suspended Solutions. Read this article carefully to learn how to Fix Google Ads Account Suspended.

It’s been more than 5 Years since I have been dealing with Google Ads Adwords and during the journey, I have received several complaints from people on their Google Adwords Ads Account Suspension. Some people admit their mistake and some were unaware of Adwords’s strict policies and some literally had no idea what caused this suspension.

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On the other hand, the Adwords team is a little rude. Thanks to scammers, policy violators, and other reasons. So this is going to be a complete guide to get your Google Adwords Account Fixed & Restored.

Why Google Ads Adwords Suspend Accounts?

It is very important to know why Google Ads suspend your accounts. You need to understand how does Google works and why they suspend accounts. Let’s discuss the common reasons, on Why is my Google AdWords Ads account is suspended?

Not Compliance with Policies

Your website is not following Google Ads Policies. (It can be copyrighted content, gambling content, pornography, under-construction content, misleading content, or anything which is not being allowed on Google.)

Malicious Ads

Your account has malicious ads, sites, or apps.

Poor Content

Your advertising strategy is based on traffic generation and you are not committed to provide a good user experience. (Poor content.)

Ads are Misleading

Your ads are misleading and you are advertising wrong about your business/service or website. (For example, you are saying that you provide Free Web Hosting but you are secretly charging $100 for it.


You are doing cloaking. (Where a different website is shown to Google Editorial team and a user see’s a different website.)

Using Multiple Google Ads Account

You are using multiple Google Adwords Account for the Same Business or You are using the same billing details for multiple Adwords Accounts. Another option can be that Your account is closely related to an ‘already suspended account’

Trademark Issues

Having trademark issues.

Other Common Google Suspension Issues

  • Your website is selling illegal services.
  • Repeat Policy Violations. (One of the major issues people face!!!).
  • The Display URL and Destination URL in Ads are Different. [Violation of Google Ad Policies]
  • Unauthorized Access.
  • Sharing your Account with others.
  • Your website does not have a privacy policy and terms of service. (This is not always necessary but having it is always a good idea.)

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, there are times when your Adwords Account is mistakenly being suspended by the Google Adwords team, the above-mentioned issues are some of the main reasons why most of the time your Account is suspended, however, in reality, the case may vary.

Find the reason and Investigate why your Google Adwords Ads Account is Suspended

Now the first thing you need to do to reactivate your AdWords account is to find out the reason, why Adwords have suspended your account because that is the first thing you need to do to get your Account back.

Each Google Ads Suspension Message has it’s own reason for suspension

If you have got this suspension message, it means your Account has been suspended for one of the following reasons;

  • You had a previously Banned Account.
  • You are using black-listed keywords such as Tobacco, Cigarettes, Casino, Porn.
  • Un-allowed redirects and cloaking, you show something different to Google Spiders/Crawlers and different to the audience who are landing through clicking on your ad.
  • Repeated Disapproved Ads are also one of the primary reasons why your account is being suspended, note that Adwords suspend your Account after an ad is disapproved, but they suspend when you do it excessively.
  • A sudden Budget Increase is harmful to Adwords Account and can put your account on Adwords radar which may lead to the account suspension.
  • If you have tried using an already suspended domain or website, then that’s the reason for your account suspension.

Google Adwords Suspended for Repeated Violation

There are many reasons if this message was displayed along with your Google Adwords Account suspension, however I’m summarizing few of them.

  • Your landing page is violating the Google TOS (Terms of Service)
  • You are sending traffic directly to Affiliate Offers. (Google does not allow that, Google wants you to have a landing page on your own. You can only send direct traffic to that offer if you are the owner of that website otherwise you need a landing page.
  • You are trying to advertise or promote restricted products or services such as Tobacco, Cigarettes, Casino, Porn.

I often see, when people looking for their query on : Adwords account suspended billing information.

Then let me tell, Such type of Account suspensions occurs when you enter fake billing information, typically done using virtual credit card and entering random names and profiles, Google is smart enough to detect that.

Abuse of Promo Codes

If you have made an habit of using promo codes to run online ads, then let me tell you that using multiple promo codes is not allowed.


Another case where one of a client came was due to Google suspended his account due to a chargeback done by the credit card company of the client. Google has termed that we will not reactive or reinstate the account until and unless the dues are cleared.

How do I Un suspend my Google Adwords Ads account?

Once you have find the reason, such as why your Google Ads account was being suspended, let’s move on to the next step, where we will be finding different solutions to get the account re-instated.

Fix your Suspended Site :

If your website is being suspended from Google Ads, then Adwords have written a strategy on how to fix your suspended site and how to re-submit for a review. Click here for more details on that.

Fix the Disapproved Ads :

If your ads are being disapproved, please check out the Adwords Policies on ‘How to Fix Disapproved Ads’ to get it corrected.

Asking Google For Policy Questions :

If you are still confused and have doubts and want Adwords to answer your questions on ‘Ads’ or ‘Policy’, please ask them here.

Any other reason :

Checkout the above reasons to see why your Adwords Account was in suspension mode, once you get a clear idea on what is the main reason behind your account suspension, you can then move on to the next step.

As a rule, please do not submit your ads for review until you’re sure that the violations are fixed. If you are still having trouble finding the exact reason, it’s always better to hire a Professional.